Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools

Bridon came home from school today looking very upset. I asked him how his day was and he said in a very sad voice that he got in big trouble and was getting a 3-day in school suspension. I said, "Ha! Ha! very funny, April Fools. He said, "No mom, for real, and he pulls this slip out of his backpack. I look at it and my heart drops. I said, "are you serious Bridon?" Then I started to read it. It said that he had used Abusive language with his teacher. I knew instantly there was no way Bridon could ever use bad language and I said, "Oh, Bridon you had me for a second there."
Then the fun began. Tommy is always getting the best of us. So Bridon and I decided we were going to team up and get dad. We whited out that he used abusive language and marked something else, more believable for Bridon. Then we got him! We had him going for quite a while. He was worrying about what we should do as a punishment for Bridon and everything. We love you Dad! April Fools! We got you good!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who's the Man

Caroline had these pictures on her blog, and I couldn't resist I had to steal them. On Wednesday of Spring Break (3/18/09), we took the kids swimming at Caroline's pool. Tena said she would pay whoever could stay in the pool the longest a dollar. After what seemed like forever (10-15 min.), Tena started to worry about them being in the cold water for too long and said she would pay them all a dollar. So, they all hopped out and warmed up on the trampoline. Then off to the Dollar Tree to spend their loot. The Dollar Tree just opened across the street. It is the newest favorite place for all the kids in the neighborhood. Kyler didn't quite understand what the Dollar Tree was though. He thought it was a place to go and get dollars, not to spend them.