Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coleson's Best Buddy

This morning at breakfast, Kyler was teasing Coleson. He was trying to scare him with a scary mask and so Coleson started scratching at Kyler and crying. His nails were kind of long and he ended up scratching Kyler's arm pretty bad. Kyler was crying and crying, so I took out the finger nail clippers to clip Coleson's nails and he said, "why are you cutting my nails?" I told him it was because they were too long and sharp. He said, "because I scratched my Best Buddy Kyler?" I started to laugh and said, yep because you scratched your Best Buddy Kyler.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sweet Kyler

Ok so I have to talk about my sweet Kyler for just a little bit. This summer he did swim team. Wow, can you see that little guy swimming 25 yards? He did a great job and was so fun to watch.
I want to share a couple of sweet things that Kyler has recently said. The first was after he went to a sleepover at his friend Dayson's house. He came home and said that some of the boys were fighting over whether a particular toy or the x-box was the best thing in the world and he said, "Mom, I said really softly that I think Jesus is the best thing in the world." Talk about tugging at my heart!
Then a couple of weeks later, we were at church and Kyler's primary teacher came up to me and said that she was talking about Jesus and his life and the Atonement. As she was telling them about the Atonement, Kyler was tearing up and she could tell he was really touched by the spirit. Later on that day, Kyler shared with me that he was really touched by what Sis. Daniel had shared and that he was getting tears in his eyes when she was talking about Jesus and about him being on the cross. I grateful to be a member of this church and to have such amazing primary teachers to testify to my children of Jesus and the love that their Savior has for them.

Back to School

Back to school for the kiddos this year was a big change. After a very stressful decision, the boys are attending Franklin this year. Here is a pic of them with their cousins who also go there. Change is hard, probably more for me than the boys. They are doing great and really like it there. Bridon has Mr. Amerson, Danner has Mrs. Chudler, and Kyler has Mrs. McKinney. I love all of their teachers.

Summer in a Nutshell

May 15 - Repelling with the YW/YM
May 17 - Swim Team begins
June 14 - 14th Anniversary
June 16-19 - Danner went to Grand Canyon with Grandma and Grandpa Allen and cousin David
June 22-26th - Lindsey goes to Girls Camp
July 2-4 - 4th of July weekend at Johnson's Cabin - So much fun!
July 25-28 - Lindsey and Boys go to visit Grandma, Papa, and Grandma Deen at the cabin. Thanks for a fun time! Lots of rain, playing games, playing catch, movies. Coleson sick but pretty good despite the fact.
July 29-30 - Arizona Grand (see above picture). Had a great time playing and swimming, staying up until 2 in the morning with the Johnsons. So much fun!