Monday, October 5, 2009

May Showered!!

The craziness of April flowed right into May.
First, there was a super fun field trip with Bridon to the Biosphere II in Tucson.
Then a great mother's day put on by the boys
Many fun activities to get ready for Girls Camp.
And finally, end of the school year parties and fun.

Me taking a picture of me and Bridon at the Biosphere Field Trip.

Bridon and some of his crazy friends - Ben and Max - stealing Bridon's Nachos.
It was a long bus ride there and back, but we had a good time.
And thanks to my friend Wendy a little less boring.

The boys sure did mother's day up nice for me.
Bridon made me a cool power point presentation on the computer.
Danner made me a trophy that said "Best Mother Award"
Beautiful flowers, sweet notes, breakfast in bed, the works!
It was a great day.

Kyler's graduation day at Bounce Jungle.
What a cute group of boys!!!