Monday, March 30, 2009

Old favorites

12/9/08 - Kyler got hurt and I asked him how bad it hurt. He said, "Like 8 miles away."8/31/08 - When we were at the cabin for Labor Day weekend, Kyler woke up on Sunday morning and came in the kitchen. His Uncle Bill asked him, "Kyler, how did you sleep?" And Kyler said, "Like this," and he laid down on the ground to show Uncle Bill how he slept.

5/24/08 - We were all in the car and Kyler said "I went to Disneyland." Danner said, "No you didn't." Kyler said, "yes I did." Danner said, "What did it have there?" So Kyler started telling him all about the trampolines and other things that were at an open gym that he went to with some friends. It was great - what a 3 year old thinks Disneyland is.

4/13/08 - Today after church we were talking to the boys about what they learned at church. We started talking about resurrection and the spirit world. I told Danner, "Remember when we were talking about how Grandma McBride was probably waiting in the spirit world to be resurrected?" He said, "She hasn't been resurrected yet?" We told him probably not, you have to wait your turn. Bridon said, "What if she got a Fast Pass?" (We just got back from Disneyland three days ago and in Disneyland they have what are called fast passes so you can get on rides faster)

Just a Day at the Park

Last week a few women in our ward took our kids to the park. Wow! What a bunch of cute kiddos.

Tena brought some bread for the kids to feed to the ducks. That was a hit.
Coleson and Emma.
Watch out girls, he's quite the lady's man.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break

The first day of Spring Break a friend of my dad invited our entire family to come to the Herpetology Exhibit in Phoenix. In the picture above: Geordan, Hunter, Ty, Bridon, Coleson, Bryce, Danner, David, Brayden, Madison, McKenzie, Kyler, Jason, and Grandpa.
They got to feed, pet and ride on tortoises. They saw all different kinds of turtles and tortoises.

We even tried to get Coleson to surf on top of one of the tortoises, but he wasn't too happy about that.

Cousins Bryce, McKenzie, Ty and Hunter

Coleson was pretty scared of the Tortoises, but somehow he wasn't too scared of this humongous beast. They also watched the volunteers there feed some of the crocodiles. Bridon and Danner loved every minute of this. Especially when they got to hold the snake. Bridon would follow the snake around with whoever was holding it.

Bridon and his cousin Jake.
Some other things the boys were able to do during Spring Break were:
1. Have a sleepover with some cousins
2. Go to Jump and Shout with friends and cousins
3. Go to Peter Piper Pizza and on a hike with some friends.
4. Went to the movie Inkheart with friends.
5. Went to a Space Museum with some friends and then came back to their house to help make space ships out of big refigerator boxes.
I know it looks like all we did was play, but the boys also worked hard and helped me out a whole lot during the week. It was fun having them home. Thanks for a great week boys.


Well football has begun again. This is Danner's first year and Bridon's second. We really have a good time watching the boys play football.
Coleson and Kyler keep us busy and entertained at the Football games. Below Kyler has caught a lady bug and is showing his little friend Ashley

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby was on March 7 this year. Bridon picked and a pretty cool style for his car. Tommy has always let Bridon do whatever he wanted with his car for the pinewood derby. The first year was pretty much trial and error. The second was all about winning. And this year it was all about the style of his car. Bridon's car was pretty cool looking, but there was a little too much weight on the back. Anyway, to get his car to race they had to turn it around backwards. After that, it didn't do too bad.
Bridon was not in uniform this day. He recently lost his shirt, book and neckerchief.

Valentines Day

Over Valentines weekend we were invited to go to the Breinholt's Cabin.
We had such a good time. It was a quick trip. We traveled up Friday night and came back Saturday night. Friday night we hung out, ate good food, and watched a movie. Saturday the Breinholts took us snowmobiling. Tommy and I had never been before. It was so much fun.
Lindsey, Jaime, Angie ready to be some snowmobiling mamas.

Tyson, Tyson and Tommy (lookin' good)
Thanks for a great weekend Breinholts. We had a blast!