Sunday, July 27, 2008

Here's to the Lamoreaux's

Party at the Lamoreaux's

Last week the Lamoreaux's were out of town. A couple of us went over there to swim and cook out. A little while later a couple of other families showed up to swim, and then another family showed up not too long after that. Our best count was that there was 38 people in the pool at one time. Thanks Lamoreaux's for always being so great about everyone using your pool.
Can you say, "Wait your turn?"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Family Weekend

July 10-12 we went to a resort in Phoenix. They have a water park there with huge slides, a wave pool and a lazy river. We swam and played at the water park, swam and went in the jacuzzi at one of the other pools, watched the dive-in movie. And then we swam and played some more until we wore Kyler and Coleson out, and then it was time to go.
Playing in the wave pool.
Tubing down the lazy river.

Look at those slides. I was nervous about going down, but not Danner. Here he is after he just went down one of those huge slides. No problem.

Kyler and Coleson - swimmin' buds!

Coleson 15 months

Coleson finally started walking at 14 months; and at 15 months, he is finally walking more than he is crawling.

15 things we love about Coleson:
1. His smile.
2. That he loves to swim.
3. How he gets attitude with his brothers.
4. How excited he gets when he sees his daddy.
5. That he loves to play peek-a-boo.
6. That he loves the bath.
7. His laugh.
8. His kisses.
9. How cute he is when he sucks his thumb.
10. How he plays hide-and-seek with his brothers.
11. That he loves to brush his teeth.
12. That he is a cuddle bug.
13. That he loves to climb.
14. How he says thank you.
15. That he brings such a great spirit into our home.
We Love You Coleson!

Family Reunion and Fishing Trip

June 21, 2008 - Allen Family Reunion - Camp Silvercreek

Bridon and Danner swinging from the rope swing.

Although a warm weekend, the water was still pretty cold.
We all had a good time playing in the water.
And we all enjoyed the time spent with family. We don't get to see the Allen family very often and it is always a good chance to catch up. We love seeing cousins, aunts and uncles, and especially Grandma. Just before we left, Bridon and Danner and a big group of the cousins went on a hike up the mountain by the campground. My boys are still talking about it. I love how they hardly know these cousins, but by the end of the day it is like they are best friends.
That morning before we went to the Family reunion Bridon, Danner, Tommy and Papa all decided to go fishing at Sunrise. Wouldn’t you know it, the fishing at Sunrise was supposed to be hot, so the boys couldn’t resist. Tommy and Papa got Bridon and Danner up early Saturday morning and took the boat out to Sunrise lake. They ended up catching about 10 rainbow trout, all of them between 14-18 inches long. What a stringer! The boys both had a blast hauling in some big trout. They also had a couple fish that they lost right at the boat. Bridon and Danner each swear that theirs was the biggest. They boys also got the chance to practice gutting their own fish for the first time. What a treat! Then the boys cleaned up at the cabin and met our family back at Silvercreek. After the reunion, we were able to go back to the cabin and spend some time with Grandma Bowen, celebrating her birthday which was on the 22nd.
"No, I caught the biggest fish!"

Thanks Papa for taking us fishing. We had a blast.

Wow! Look at all those fish.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


On June 1st I called my sister Jana to talk, and she told me that she thought that her daughter McKinzie might have pneumonia and that she was really worried about her. She asked if I could watch her two-year-old, Madison, while they went to the hospital. A little while later I got a call that the doctors were saying that McKinzie was in congestive heart failure and that they were going to fly her to Banner Dessert. At Banner Dessert they were working to stabilize McKinzie, but on Wednesday of that same week she totally crashed and once again they needed to fly her to another hospital. This time it was the University Hospital in Tucson. Once there, it was determined that McKinzie would need immediate surgery. The surgery was successful. Although McKinzie was stable she was still very critical. The doctors were observing her and we afraid that she might have to have a heart transplant. After many, many, many prayers and much fasting, McKinzie began to show good progress. They were able to remove the pump from her heart and she began doing better. Just before they removed the pump it was discovered that McKinzie had had a stroke. Many more prayers were and are being said, and McKinzie is doing amazing. She definitely has a long road ahead of her with a lot of therapy for the stroke, and they are still working on stabilizing her heart; but she is once again smiling, laughing, joking and being the amazing girl we all love and adore. Last time we visited we were all giving her hugs before we left, and my sister said that David (one of their cousins) tried to sneak out of her room without giving her a hug. She caught him and pointed at him and said, "heh!" There was no way she was going to let him out of that room without giving her a hug. I know that the reason McKinzie is doing so well today is because of the blessings she has been given and because of the fasting and prayers that have been said in her behalf. We are grateful to a Heavenly Father who has blessed her family and our family so much.
Since McKinzie has been in the hospital, many days my mom has the other kids. We have enjoyed this chance to spend much of our summer swimming and playing with these cousins at her home, especially Kyler and Madison. They have become such good little friends. The other day when we went to leave she started to cry because she wanted Kyler to stay and play.
I couldn't resist putting in this picture of Danner taking Coleson down the slide. You can't really see it well, but Coleson has a huge smile on his face. He loves it. It is also funny to see Danner pushing him to the surface after they go into the water.

One Crazy Summer

Well it has been quite a while since I posted last. This summer has been quite the roller coaster; and because I am using this blog as my journal, I am going to start at the beginning. I am hoping that eventually I will get through the entire summer.
So the beginning of the summer started off as any normal summer. Everyone wanting to have a good time and stay cool. Here are Bridon and Danner with some of their friends on a water slide in our back yard. It was a great start to the summer with friends Porter, Connor, Seth, Noah and a few others who were not able to be captured one photo.

Kyler and Macey couldn't miss out on the fun; although, they did not want to join the madness on the water slide. They decided to make their own water fun.
And who could forget Coleson? (No one, because he would never let you!)
And we can't forget swim team which also jump starts our summer. Bridon and Danner are both doing very well. At their first swim meet, Danner got 1st in freestyle and Bridon got 2nd in freestyle. They did sooo awesome. They have had a few meets since then and do a great job and work very hard. I can't help but laugh at their silly poses. They are such crazy boys, and I love them for it.