Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Rainbow

I just love how kids think. I really wish that I could think the way that they do.
The other day Kyler saw a rainbow in the sky. He said, "Mom look it's a rainbow!" He was so excited to see the rainbow. And then a few minutes later he stops and says, "Mom, what does it feel like to touch a rainbow."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snow Trip

The day after Christmas (while Tommy was off hunting) the boys and I packed up and went with his family on their annual snow trip to Pinetop.
Coleson did actually put a jacket played in the snow a little. We dragged him around on the sled and rode him around on the quad. . .

but mostly he stayed nice and cozy warm inside the cabin.

Kyler loved playing in the snow, throwing snow balls, riding the quad, and riding on the sled. That is, he loved riding on the sled until everyone started playing the bomb the sled game. He did not like this for sure, as you can see below. In this game, the sled is pulled by the quad and as it drives by everyone tries to jump on and push other people off the sled

A very fun game for sure. . .
but can result in some bodily harm as you can tell by Danner's head.
Below, Bridon and Danner and Bailee.
The boys are inside the igloo that them, their cousins and Aunt Carolee and Uncle Bill dug out of snow pile in front of the cabin. It was pretty amazing. It not only had a front door but a back door with a little slide down area coming in the back door.

The Christmas Deer

The day after Christmas, Tommy left for his white-tail deer hunt up around the Safford area. After many days of hunting, being rained on, snowed on, freezing his buns off, he finally shot a little two point. I think he did it mostly for me. I think he thought if he didn't come back with something, I would never let him go hunting again.
We were excited for the meat and my boys were excited to see the head (gross).

Christmas Day

Christmas Day 2008
Christmas Day is always an eventful day.
The boys came in bright and early and woke us up.
Then, of course, we all had to go in and wake Coleson up. (He wasn't too happy about that)
This year was such a fun one because Bridon and Danner went out and bought presents for their brothers with their own money. And then they hid away in different rooms wrapping them themselves. It was fun to see how excited they were to watch their brothers open the presents that they picked out just for them.

We then all hop in the car and go to Tommy's parents house for more present opening and our traditional apple fritters, bacon, sausages and Mickey Mouse waffles.

Then off to Grandma Deen's house. Below is our traditional Christmas picture with Grandma Deen in front of her Christmas Tree. We do it every year. (I am not sure what happened to Danner's face in this one.)

We then head back home to play with all of our fun toys and take naps.
And finally, we end up at my parents house for the Traditional Christmas Pudding.
My kiddos aren't so much into it yet, but it is a tradition I cannot miss for anything.
I am grateful for a season that brings families together in such a special time of tradition, giving and love. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve 2008
Christmas Eve is one of my favorite times of Christmas. I love it because it is a special night with just me and my boys. First we fix a special dinner and eat on our nice dishes (Coleson excluded from nice dishes) and fancy glasses. We drink our Martinelli's that we get from Dustin and Amy Johnson family every year (thanks guys). Sometimes I think the boys get more excited about the Martinelli's than dinner.
Then we all sit down together and tell the Christmas story and read Christmas Stories. This year Bridon had a story with props he made in his primary class that he shared with the family. He did a great job.
And then the boys get to open 1 present. Bridon has finally caught on (after last year) that every year it is going to be the present with new PJs.
Here are the boys modeling their new jammies.
Coleson and Danner being so cute right before bed.
They were waiting so patiently to make cookies and hot chocolate for Santa.

Funny and cute pics

Some cute pictures
November and December 2008

Field Trip

Velveteen Rabbit Field Trip
Dec. 3, 2008
Danner with friends Hayden and Jadrien
The day after we got back from the cabin, I got to go on a field trip with Danner.
It was a play "The Velveteen Rabbit"
Then after that we went to the park by Tempe Town Lakes and had lunch.
I had a lot of fun Danner. Thanks for wanting me to come with you.

Cabin Trip

Cabin Trip
Thanksgiving Weekend
This year Tom got drawn for Elk and Deer. The Elk hunt just happened to fall over Thanksgiving Weekend and the Deer hunt came right over Christmas Break. Thanksgiving weekend we decided to all go with him and my dad, brother, and nephew to the cabin. So while they were hunting, we all hung out and played at the cabin. We also had way too much yummy food, pie included.
I didn't get very many pictures because Tommy kept taking our camera with him for pictures just in case he got one (which he never did). Among all the fun, we did have a few accidents and here is a picture of one of them. This is my nephew Jason. Him and Kyler were running circles around the cabin and came head to head. As you can see, Jason lost that one. Somehow Kyler hit just right and barely got even a bump on his head.
And below is Coleson coming up the stairs that he fell down earlier that day.
Despite a few pitfalls, we did have a lot of fun.

Bowen Family Outing

Bowen Family Outing
November 15, 2008
Well November and December were quite the blur for our family, so now I am going to attempt to catch up on the last two months. On Nov. 15, we went on a family outing to the desert with Tommy's family. Usually once a year we go on some kind of quad outing with his family. It is always so much fun. The kids have a blast. We have way too much good food, and my babies always get worn out as you can see below.
It was a little bit of a windy day, so even though it wasn't that cold the wind made it chilly; and if you know Coleson, you know he won't put a jacket on for anything or anyone. He did pretty good though.
Here is the family football game. On the very first pass, I was injured with a jammed finger. Could someone please teach me how to catch. Anyway, after that, I really could not play so I designated myself as the football photographer.

I took Kyler and Coleson out hunting for bears. Kyler did most of the hunting.
Coleson was his lookout.

Bridon on the quad with cousin Talon. Dallin looking pretty cool in the background.

Wow, they sure are cute.