Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Bear

Last night Bridon and Conner received their Bear in Cub Scouts. It was a very fun night. The leaders did a great job and obviously put a lot of effort into the whole night. We love you Bridon and are so proud of all the effort you put into getting your Bear.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time to Play

After a hard week at school (ha, ha!), it was time to play. Saturday Tommy and Tyson took the kids and went to Hamilton Pool. What a crew.
My boys.

Connor and Bridon

Wow Look at those Muscles!

Danner, Porter and Tyson

Back To School

Bridon's first day of 4th grade. I can hardly believe it. He is growing up too fast. Bridon isn't quite ready for summer to be over, but is excited for 4th grade with Miss Donley. I am going to miss the good helper he is at home. He is the best with Kyler and Coleson.
Maybe not so good with Danner (not going to miss those two fighting, Ha Ha!)
Unbelievable, Danner is in 1st grade. His teacher is Ms. Berkshire who he loves and is so great. He decided to take his lunch the first day, mostly because he didn't know how buying school lunch would be. He is so excited and cute about going to school. He wakes up every morning early and gets ready quickly. This might not last long, but I am going to enjoy it while it does.
And yep, Kyler started preschool with Ms. Judi this year. He is in a class with a bunch of his friends. Almost every morning he asks, "Mom, do I have school today?" which is really hard because he only has it on Tuesday and Friday.
Then there is poor Coleson who is wondering what he is going to do at home without his brothers (maybe not get tortured). Luckily, Kyler keeps him pretty entertained, or maybe it is Coleson who keeps Kyler entertained. Those two are a riot.