Sunday, November 18, 2012

And the winner is, Coleson!

So while Tommy and I were in Vegas, we had friends and family helping out with the kiddos.  Their school had a Fall Carnival the Saturday we were gone and some good friends took the boys.  Leading up to the carnival, each class had to put together a basket that would be auctioned off at the carnival.  If you donated to the basket, your name would be put in a raffle drawing.  The first place winner would get a Kindle Fire and the second place winner would win $100.  So here is our second place winner!  Yep, while we were in Vegas, I get a call saying Coleson won the $100 prize.  I knew i should've brought him to Vegas with us!

Vegas Baby

Tommy's work had a convention that they attended in Las Vegas October 4-6, and I got to come along.  We had a good time.  Even though I only got to see him in the evening since he was at the convention all day, we had a good time and it was very relaxing.  Sleeping in for me was a nice treat.  We had yummy food.  The buffet at the Belagio was like none I have ever experienced before.  And I was able to go to the Las Vegas Temple for the very first time.  It was also conference weekend (Oct. 6), so I was able to watch conference without any interruptions on Saturday.  So Nice!

My Two Scouts

Danner turned 11 and became an 11-year-old scout, and the very next night they had a court of honor where he did the Presentation of the Colors.  I love these two good boys and even though they fight like their in an Ultimate Fighting match all the time, I am grateful for them and know they love eachother.  

Bridon's 14th Birthday

 Bridon also had a taco night with Grandparents for his birthday, but his was Tacos with Cheese sauce.  A Bowen specialty and Bridon's favorite meal.  Bridon turned 14 this year.  Yep, that's a bow Bridon is pulling back.  Now he can go bow hunting with his dad.  Woohoo!

Danner's 11th birthday

Taco night with Granmdas and Grandpas for Danner's birthday this year.  Danner's favorite people eating his favorite food.  And, of course, Coleson had to get in the picture too.  :) 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Summer Fun

Went to San Diego with the Moore Family over 4th of July.  Beach, Knotts Berry Farm for older boys, 
Swimming at the Condo, Just having a good time.  Thanks Moore's

Camping with Larson's and Wilcox's July 26-28.  
Fun, Food, Fire.  

Fossil Springs ~ Hiked in and out July 28.  

Hike was 4 miles in and 4 miles out.  On the way out it is all up hill.  Coleson who is 5 did it with us.  Boy it was tough for him, but he made it.  Way to go buddy.  

. . . then here comes school

Bridon 8th grade

Danner 5th grade

Kyler 2nd grade

and my baby Coleson started Kindergarten this year.  

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coleson's Best Buddy

This morning at breakfast, Kyler was teasing Coleson. He was trying to scare him with a scary mask and so Coleson started scratching at Kyler and crying. His nails were kind of long and he ended up scratching Kyler's arm pretty bad. Kyler was crying and crying, so I took out the finger nail clippers to clip Coleson's nails and he said, "why are you cutting my nails?" I told him it was because they were too long and sharp. He said, "because I scratched my Best Buddy Kyler?" I started to laugh and said, yep because you scratched your Best Buddy Kyler.